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 Food from Organic Pastured-Raised Animals
    *Grassfed cows, goats, sheep & pastured pork and chicken

  1. Miller's Organic Farm
    Miller's Organic Farm, a reputable Amish farm which grass-feeds and boards cows and goats which are leased by a community of club members. The members of this private club pay labor, board, and bottling fees to have the farmers take good care of the animals, and provide the milk or meat from their animal lease. Click the "Registration" link above to join, and then fill out the Online Application. Check the FAQs page for Frequently Asked Questions and to see some sample costs (or email us to request a price list) The benefits of leasing your own farm animals from this Amish farm is that it is an affordable way to obtain fresh and unprocessed organic dairy from your own healthy 100% grass-fed cows, Learn More