Our Products



The dairy and beef are strictly grain-free. During the warmer months of the year they graze in the pasture supplemented with free choice kelp mineral and salt. During winter months they are fed high quality wet and dry hay. Currently, the breeds of dairy cows are approximately 80% Jersey, 15% Holstein crosses, and 5% Lineback. We are in the process of slowly converting our herds to the better old fashioned A-2 breed which confirms the protein level in milk. We have quite a few local farmers helping us supply the demand for fresh cow milk and cream of which we share the same basic grain-free organic standards. The beef cattle are mostly Red Devon and Angus cross-breeds.


We don’t have our own goat and sheep dairy, but the farms that help us out are local, and practice the same conscientious organic standards as we here on the Miller Farm. The lamb meats are the same.


All of the chickens are now soy-free. We will no longer carry soy-fed chicken. The poultry is fed a balanced ration without needing to feed any soybeans. Our poultry are fed corn, wheat, barley, oats soaked in skim milk at times, as well as nutri-balancer crab meal and field peas. The ducks, however, are not soy-free. We hope to soon have soy-free only turkey.


Our hogs are fed a mostly milk-based ration of whey from cheese making, and oats soaked in skim milk along with some corn.


We try to keep veal in stock, but the cost of growing a fat veal is quite expensive due to the amount of milk they consume, therefore harder to justify profit. We do run out of veal and will substitute with beef unless you tell us not to substitute.


Most of the produce is locally grown and always chemical-free, including the popcorn kernels, and processed here on the Miller Farm. Micro-greens are locally grown and loaded with nutrients.


We bake our own breads with sourdough and soaked grains, and are also considering sprouted grain breads which will be gluten-free. Our muffins are gluten-free and baked here in our bakery on the farm. We also make our own angel food cake and spelt noodles.

The maple syrup is collected in Vermont and carefully processed the natural way.

Our local honey collector is very cautious in processing raw unheated honey from deep in the wild woods of northern Pennsylvania, where the combs are unlikely to have been exposed to chemicals or sprays. Bees do not do well other than in a natural habitat.


The nuts are prepared like recommended by Weston A Price Foundation. Unfortunately we are not able to buy domestic raw nuts in come cases, therefore we do use imported raw nuts for the cashews, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. We buy all the nuts raw, then soak and dehydrate them for better digestion.


Kombucha and Ginger ale drinks are made locally.

The apple cider is from a local organic orchard and pressed in a chemical-free environment.

The Amos Brand chips are made from local potatoes and our own pork lard.

Almond butter is made from raw almonds and comes from Blue Mountain Organics.

Sourdough Kvass comes from Canada.

Pertinent to Section 122 of the Judgment, the USDA orders the text below to be added to this website informing all members of Amos Miller’s Organic Farm:

Please be advised that the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ruled that Miller’s Organic Farm violated the Court’s Injunction Order and Consent Decree. Accordingly, we will not provide fresh or newly slaughtered amenable meat, meat food products, poultry, and poultry products for sale or purchase unless and until A Miller’s Organic Farm liquidates its existing amenable, non-seized, frozen meat and poultry inventory and complies with other requirements of this Order and other orders of the Court.

As part of those other orders, we are required to take a complete inventory of our current supply. Once we’ve completed that inventory, we will publish here for you those products that will be available for sale according to the Court’s order. We are only permitted to sell these products to existing members of the A Miller’s Organic Farm’s Private Membership Association. We are working diligently with the government to find some long-term solutions. However, we cannot move forward unless and until the existing inventory is liquidated.

We trust that this information will be helpful, and that you will enjoy some good, healthy food. Also, we would like to reminder you that all checks should be made payable to Miller’s Organic Farm.

We welcome your visit, if you are in the area, and look forward to serving you by phone: (717) 556-0672.