Frequently Asked Questions


There is a 30% shipping fee + 3% credit card processing fee.

The S&H fee on each of your orders includes:

  • Packaging costs of food containers, cardboard boxes, and packing material.
  • Labor for the Amish to package the food and pack the boxes individually for each member.
  • Trucking transport fee from the farm to the drop point for pickup or delivery.
  • Refrigerated warehouse fee where food is kept overnight until UdderlyLa picks-up early (before 6:00AM) the morning of each pick up.
  • Website programmer who builds and maintains our club website-UdderlyLa.
  • Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund annual membership and affiliate membership for members.
  • Monthly maintenance and web-hosting and cc fees to keep club and website running.
  • Monthly food credit/stipend for the facility hosting pick-up location.

What if I can’t pick up my order? Is there a Courier service that can deliver to me?

YES, if you cannot pick up your box of goods, you may send a friend or family member. Please have a backup person that can come pick up for you in the event that you can not.
OR, for delivery, email one of the our member couriers under the “Courier” tab on the home page have your order delivered to you for apx $15-$25.


What if there is something missing or wrong in my box?

You can call the Miller’s Organic Farm and let them know. (The farm phone number is on the Contact Us page.) Or, in the comment section of your next order, you can state what was missing or explain what you need in order to get the item in your next order or a credit for that item on your next order.

How do I pick up my order?

Once you are a member and have placed your order, you will be sent an email with location information of the drop point of your order. Orders are picked up every other Saturday morning between 7-8:30am on the westside of Los Angeles (Venice/Santa Monica area).


What about items that are on special or that have a discount for buying bulk?

Your card will be authorized for the estimated amount when making your orders. Orders are then processed by the farmers. If there are any promotions, discounts or out of stock items they will be applied to the price.  The webmaster will then get the adjusted price and charge the cards with the correct price.


Q: How long does the milk stay fresh? And butter?
The milk lasts about 2 weeks in glass (less in plastic). Yet, once it sours, it’s really not bad if you like buttermilk or yogurt. Unlike pasteurized milk which spoils and will make you sick if you drink it, raw milk simply “sours” and some people enjoy drinking it this way. It’s similar to the taste of yogurt, sour cream, and kefir.

The butter lasts for 2 weeks refrigerated and for a couple months if frozen. I recommend you freeze any amount you won’t use within 1-2 weeks, and thaw out whatever portion you need for the week in the refrigerator. This way you always have fresh tasting butter.

Q: Can I freeze the milk?
Yes, in plastic bottles or after transferring the milk from the glass bottle to smaller/stronger glass jars or pyrex. The glass bottle has shattered on a few people. Before freezing, make sure you first shake up the milk really well so the butterfat at top blends with the milk. Then loosen the cap and allow room for expansion of the milk so that the bottle does not explode.

Q: If I freeze the milk, does it lose nutritional value or enzymes?
No, it keeps quite well when frozen. Very little to no loss of enzyme or immune enhancing compounds was found. But some loss of vitamin C occurs when stored for several months. This is based on the research done on frozen breastmilk.

Q: Can I re-freeze the meat if it arrives thawed?
Yes, you can safely re-freeze the meat as long as it is still cold (under 40 degrees). The USDA website explains that bacterial growth occurs when meat gets to room temperature or warmer. If it is still cold (as in refrigerator temp), you can safely re-freeze it.

Q: Do I need to boil the milk before giving it to my baby or child?
No, this fresh milk does not need to be boiled. It has been made with special care specifically for raw consumption. Boiling destroys the living enzymes and beneficial bacteria within the milk, thus destroying the benefits of this fresh milk. That being said, if you still feel uncomfortable serving this fresh milk to your child, then you may boil the milk and at least it will still contain vitamins A, D, K2, and CLA since it’s from grassfed cows. However, it will be harder to digest and is not ideal for those with lactoseintolerance or dairy sensitivity.

Q: How are the meats and chicken sent? Fresh or Frozen?
All meats and chicken arrive to you previously frozen in vacuum sealed bag unless you specifically request to receive “fresh” meat during your online checkout comments. Additionally, if you do not wish to receive anything previously frozen even if fresh is out of stock, please add a note in the comments section of your order stating “No substitutions” as the farm will always default to substituting something as close to what is specified whenever they are out of the specific item.  

Q: I don’t have much money to spend on food, but I have some immune system challenges. Is it really worth it to pay more for this fresh farm food?
Based on prices I’ve seen at Whole Foods and other online retailers for grassfed food (which is often just partially grassfed if at all), the Miller’s Farm prices are quite reasonable, even for 1 person. We’ve even heard members tell us that some of Miller’s prices are equal to what they find at the store for mediocre quality items (i.e. conventional vs Miller’s pastured ground lamb).
Although grassfed animal foods are more expensive, they are well worth every penny. Not only do they help your immune system by providing you with cleaner and more nutrient dense fuel, but it also fills you up more.

Most people noticed that ever since switching to grassfed beef and poultry and consuming raw animal dairy and fats, that they fill up much faster and on 1/3 less food. So although you are paying more per pound, we eat less and feel satiated. The bone broths are also a great way to help your meals go further. Make soups and beef stews with the Miller’s bone broths which are for sale at a great price.

You will noticed your immune systems work better. The quality of the fuel you put into your body will cause dramatic and positive changes to the way you feel!

Q: Substitutions: Why does the farmer substitute certain foods in my order, and how do I prevent this?
You MUST write “NO Substitutes” on your checkout order comments if you do not want the farmer to substitute what you’ve ordered for something similar. (i.e. salted instead of unsalted cheese, or Country Bacon instead of Cured Bacon).

Q: Why are the meats always frozen? I only want fresh -NOT- frozen meats in my order.
By default, all meats come previously frozen unless you specifically request them to be “FRESH- NOT FROZEN MEAT NO SUBSTITUTIONS” in checkout “Order Comments” box. All of Millers’ meat is frozen immediately upon packaging, so the frozen meat IS fresh, but if you prefer it non-frozen, just ask and they will keep some aside for you before freezing.

Q: Why does the meat packaging say “Not for sale”?
Since all the meat and animal products from the farm are for use only by the club members, “Not For Sale” must be written on the packaging. This also allows the farmer to provide meats and foods to consumers without shipping out his meat to a USDA facility for their processing and stamp of approval. In this way, your meat will NOT be subjected to industrial chemicals, bleach, and radiation during processing.