Our Process

You must first become a member before you can order.

Membership is a $35 lifetime fee, which allows you to become a member of Millers Organic Farm. The membership fee pays for boarding of farm animals and therefore gives you the individual access to the farm’s products. This is the Los Angeles Co-op of Miller’s Organic Farm. Our drop off point for goods is on Saturday morning in the Venice Beach area.

Order deadlines are every other Thursday by 6:00PM. Late orders will be accepted until 6:00AM the next day with a $20 extended deadline fee attached to your order.

Late orders are difficult to process both on the administrative end and also farmer’s end (please read farmer’s note under “Products” tab).

You will receive a sub-total when you place your order but your card will not be charged until approximately 1 to 2 days after shipment arrival.

There is a 33% shipping fee.


The individual orders will be sent to Miller’s Organic Farm for processing.Once your order is process and shipped you will receive a confirmation (note the confirmation comes after your order has been picked up) with actual amount your card was charge-which may be less or more than the estimated subtotal. This is due to the absence of inventory. Meats/cheeses are sold by weight so we can only estimate the cost until the product has physically shipped.

You will be notified by email of your pickup drop location. Which is 7-8:30am every other Saturday morning (email for schedule of drop-offs) on the Westside of Los Angeles.

You, the individual, have made this order.

You are responsible for picking up your paid order.

If you are unable to pickup your paid order you must have a backup person to pickup for you. You should further plan to have a backup person to your backup person in the event that your original backup person is unavailable.

There are couriers available. The Courier service is a separate service that must be arranged prior to the pickup date and time. Each courier has their own delivery fees so you must speak with them directly to make your delivery arrangements.

When placing an order you the individual are agreeing to the following:

Terms and Conditions for Ordering

I am responsible for picking up my order.

I am responsible for finding someone to pickup my order in the event that I cannot pickup my order.

I will arrange to have my order be delivered me prior to the pickup date and time.

I realize that if my order has not been picked up during the window of opportunity allotted because my backup person or myself miss the drop-off window and I had not made arrangements for a delivery. I agree that my paid food order will either:  

     1. Be donated to other members of the club

     2. I will pay a $30 late/holding fee and not complain if my food was unrefrigerated.